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Expert Water Treatment, Softeners, Filtration, & Reverse Osmosis Systems

Since 1974, we’ve helped to improve water quality in New Hampshire by installing 1,000’s of local water softeners, filters, and reverse osmosis systems as well as providing local, reliable Culligan Man service. Our water treatment systems can help your appliances and pipes last longer, while also protecting your family with fresh, clean drinking water.

Find Out What’s In Your Water with a Free Water Test

Do you know what kind of contaminants are lurking in your water? Now it’s easy to find out with a free, no-obligation water test. Our water expert will sample your water and let you know exactly what’s in it. (Highly recommended for well water.)

Water Softeners Help You Save Money & Have a Cleaner Home

Hard water is 29% more expensive to heat, damages your plumbing, and reduces the lifespan of your water-using appliances. That’s why a Culligan “Best Buy” softener can pay for itself in savings!

Total Home Filtration Gives You Total Peace of Mind

Hand-held water filter pitchers fail to remove many common contaminants. For truly clean drinking water, an investment in a Total Home Filtration System is an investment in the health & happiness of your family.

Save Money & Get Better Drinking Water

Would you rather drive to the store and pay $1 for a bottled water, or stay home and get the exact same quality water from your sink for just 5¢? Watch this 30-second video to learn how you can improve your water quality while saving money at the same time.

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Wave if you see meWorld's Most Efficient Culligan Smart HE RO Drinking Water System 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Worlds most efficient NSF Certification | Culligan of Central NH UL Certified Company in Durham, Dover, Rochester, Laconia, Somersworth, Conway
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